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TeenCamp 2016 Schedule

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TEENCAMP is not intended as “day care.”  We believe that young teens will appreciate activities geared for their interests and abilities.  It is our expectation that this program is one the teens will want to go to, not one they have to go to.  We know you have a choice in how you spend your summer.  TeenCamp not only offers an alternative to being at home all summer, it offers a chance to make friends and memories you will have for life.

We start and end our day outside and travel from place to place in a big bus.  This allows us to be on “field trips” all day long – we don’t need a building!  We stop and eat lunch at parks and whenever we have a few moments where we don’t have something planned, we usually play a game of “Groundies” or do a geocache.  We think you can pack fun into every minute of your day.

Build Skills * Build Character * Build Memories

We will be improving our skills with  martial arts classes, doing a lot of community service and having fun and spending time in our beautiful state with camping trips, exploring the mountains and continuing our extended days in Denver attractions.  TeenCamp always offer a summer to remember!

Integrity * Courtesy * Respect

TeenCamp is an opportunity for young Teens to participate in fun, challenging, age appropriate activities. There are very few, if any, programs like it anywhere in the country. Along with this opportunity comes an increase in the level of personal responsibility. This responsibility includes self-control and self-monitoring. Each TeenCamper and his/her parents will sign a Code of Conduct statement prior to your registration being accepted.

Simply stated, we will live up to the ideals of integrity, courtesy, and respect. Integrity means each TeenCamper will act with honesty–they will not lie, cheat or steal. They will show courtesy to each other and to people they come in contact with. They will attempt to treat others the way that they would like to be treated. This includes physical, verbal and environmental respect as well as controlling his/her speech, emotions, and actions.

Why TeenCamp?

We know you have a choice in how you spend your summer.  TeenCamp not only offers an alternative to being at home all summer, it offers a chance to make friends and memories you will have for life..

Why Community Service Projects?

We are out and about in the Fort Collins community all summer long!  We should give back and this summer we will be doing more of this.  Need hours for a community service requirement for school?  We can make sure you get documentation for that!  We promise they will still be fun, active and entertaining times, but add a little extra meaning to our summer.

Why do we return late on “Extended Days”?

These are days we are spending in Denver and other farther away places.  In order to get to spend a really good amount of time at our activity and because we can’t seem to get enough fun into a regular day, we don’t leave the activity until closer to 6 pm, we stop and have dinner together and get picked up from the park at 8:30 pm.

What are the camping trips like?

We talk a lot about the things we want to do on camping trips.  We plan our meals together and all help with cooking and cleaning up.  We bring all our own gear such as sleeping bags, dishes and sometimes tents.  We get a LOT of bonding time during these trips and it is a great opportunity to be away from home and truly enjoying all that Colorado has to offer.

What does TeenCamp cost?

For this program, you only pay for the days you register for.  You do not have to have a set schedule, but can sign up for any days you would like throughout the summer!  You are responsible to pay for all days registered for, regardless of attendance on that day.  TeenCamp costs $53 per day or $240 for a full week.  There is an additional $12 on extended days when we go out for dinner as a group after our trips and $27 per day in addition to daily charges for the two camping trips.


Drop off between 8 and 9 am and pick up between 4:30 and 5:30 pm, except on extended days when pick up is 8:30 pm.  Pick up and drop off at the west end of the Ridgeview Classical School building.  We spend the rest of our time at activities and parks!

Download the entire schedule here: TeenCamp 2016 Schedule

We provide specific weekly schedules each Friday with exact locations, details and reminders, as well as any activity changes we may need to make.

Give us a call or an email with any other questions.

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