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FunZone August 2016 Calendar

REGISTER HERE for school out day camps!

FunZone After School Program! *This program accepts CCAP clients

After a long day at school, kids deserve time to MOVE their bodies and PLAY!

Looking for more than an after-school program, but for an after-school EXPERIENCE?

Every day, we pick kids up from schools all over Fort Collins and give them the unique opportunity to get out ENERGY and ENJOY their afternoon.

We have created a place where we are all a part of the family.  Parents should feel that the hours your child spends with us are as valuable as the rest of the day.

Children’s brains use play time to develop, learn and grow.  With limited recess and other play opportunities in school and a busy world at home, we offer children the time and place to get these for their brains.

We utilize time in nature, unstructured game time (allowing children to make up the rules), team work, large motor activities and a lot of laughter to achieve this goal.

The cost for after school programs includes transportation from school, all activity fees and an afternoon snack. 

Sample monthly calendar from 2016: May 2016 FunZone Calendar

$22 per day or $105 per week

In addition to time at the park, availability of puzzles, science supplies, unique art tools and much more daily, we have a different spin on every day.

Mondays we play a Sports Game

Tuesdays we do a Team Challenge

Wednesdays we go on a Field Trip

Thursdays we have a Karate Lesson, Dance Teacher or other Enrichment Program

Fridays we create something

If your child is in a half day program, the charges are $37 per day for half days, $180 per week for half days.

Before School – Children needing before school care may join us at our preschool location as early as 6:30 am. We will have special staff and activities tailored to them before departing at 8:00 am for schools. Children must be at our location by 8:00 am to be transported to school.

$13 per day or $60 per week for just before school care

Download the Registration Form: fun_zone_registration_2016_2017

To register, you will need to print and fill out the above form and then return it to our preschool/adimin office at 209 E. Plum Street, email it to or fax it to (970) 482-2574.

School is Out and we have CAMP! 

YPLC has camp program days on any day the PSD is not in session.  Registration is all online: Register HERE.

If you have any trouble signing up, let us know and we will help you, but PLEASE register BEFORE the day of camp.  If you are not registered on this system, you will be required to register online at the site.  We need to have children’s information in this system before they may attend the day.

Camp Days – Whenever PSD has a day off, we will be having camp days!  Please use our online sign up system for these days by clicking HERE.  This year, we will not be able to accommodate the schedules of charter schools or other schools not following the district calendar.

$53 per day or $240 for a full 5 day week.

You must register for these days and programs online with the link above.


Download a flyer with all this information here: FunZone Flyer 2016


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