Lending Library Picture

Parent area picture – Reference materials, magazine, local happenings – Parents peruse while checking parent cubbies
, parents encouraged during tours to take a look at this area.

Family activities are announced in several places:

Clipboard Announcements: Announcements and reminders such as the ones below are placed on the clipboard on top of sign in/out sheets in hopes that parents will read them before they drop off or pick up times.

Families who “opt in” receive e-mails at a rate of about 1 per week with different announcements of events.  This website: http://archive.aweber.com/youngpeoples archives those messages for us going back several months.  Clicking on the blue heading of any particular announcement will give you the full context of that email blast.  These announcements have recently been connected to our facebook page, so parents can receive information that way as well.

Families sometimes receive special invitations or announcments in their parent boxes such as the ones below.  We try to conserve paper by using this option least, but when we want to be triple sure the message is getting out, we use this.

White boards contain announcemnts for upcoming events, there are both classroom specific and general center white boards