Penguin and Chipmunk Classrooms

The Penguin (Fort Collins location) and Chipmunk (Milliken location) Classrooms are for children ages two and a half to three and a half.

August 2016 Penguin Calendar

Chipmunk 2016 July Calendar

At our Plum Street location, this room is smaller, has its own entrance and an option to use a separate playground.  Many children this age are moving to this school from our toddler learning center, or are attending school for the first time.  This room offers children and parents the opportunity to slowly get comfortable in a larger school setting.

Children in this classroom should be potty-trained or ready to move forward with that process.  As with all skills, we help them every step of the way.  In this classroom, children are exposed to learning in small groups and larger groups.  They are taught many self-help skills such as dressing and family style eating.  Through talking, reading, games and hands on activities, children are taught concepts of letter recognition, basic science and math principles, art and music enjoyment and social skills.  We take time each day to focus on nutrition and movement as well as social emotional skills.  The emphasis in this classroom is placed on helping each child to become independent in life skills and to unite the classroom15 Chipmunk Calendar as a community using cooperation and loving kindness.

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