Parrot and Jackrabbit Classrooms

The Parrot (Fort Collins location) and Jackrabbit (Milliken Location) Classrooms are for children ages three and a half to four and a half.

August 2016 Parrot Calendar

Jackrabbit 2016 July Calendar

This classroom nurtures children’s growing need for social interaction and their need to organize their social and academic world.  By the end of their time in this classroom, children have a good grasp of beginning letter sounds and can recognize most letters and numbers.  They have a good concept of 1-to-1 correspondence and have begun to learn addition and subtraction.  They have the ability to ask questions about things they are curious about.  They can explore their world both physically and intellectually as they gain control of their muscles and their own creativity.  They have a vocabulary that enables them to express their feelings and speak to what they see in the world around them, create with their own hands and think with their active imaginations.

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