Classroom Paperwork

Behavior Report

New Parent Notes for Printing

Mathews daily note

Registration Packet should have:

Left side of the folder – In this order, front to back

1 – Parent Handbook 5_2015FunCamp and TeenCamp Handbook 2015FunZone Handbook 2015

2 – Registration Packet (Print the packet, staple all pages): Registration Packet 2015 (still need to update FunZone packet, please do not have any parents register for FunZone 2015/2016 without an updated form)

3 – Family Connection Commitment: Family Connection Commitment

4 – Rate Sheet *needs updated annually

2015 Milliken Rates

2015 Fort Collins Rates

5 – TE Form

Plum Street Only:

Vision Screening Form

Speech Screening Waiver 2013

Right side of the folder

5 – Next Steps Packet Print this packet, do not staple: Next Steps Packet

As you do this the tour, pick up these from the classroom and add them to the folder (right side, front of the other papers)

6 – Classroom Description Sheet (not done yet)

7 – Current Classroom Calendar

If your conversation dictates, you might also add:

-A variable schedule policy: Variable Schedule Policy

-A CCAP Policy form: CCAP Policies Revised


Staff Info

YPLC Application (7_15)

Child Sexual Abuse, Educaton and Reporting Training

CD Training Hours Worksheet

YPLC Smoking Policy

DHS Background Form

W4 2012

i-9 Form 2012

universal precautions link (not currently working)

ERISA Consent Form for Electronic Distribution of Materials_HRconnection AB


Family Engagement Curriculum

FRP Lean On Me