New Milliken Location!

We are proud to bring high quality preschool care to the families of Milliken and Johnstown starting in August of 2012!

All preschool information posted on this website is relevant to our this new location – we will bring the same quality care and education to the new site.  Our Director, Colleen, has worked with Young Peoples Learning Center for 6 years and knows how to run a center the “Young Peoples Way” while still being able to cater to the needs of your families.

There are a few distinct differences at our Milliken school.

The Rate Sheet is HERE.

Our hours of operation are: 6:30 am to 6:30 pm

Our address is 1015 Elm Street, Milliken

Our phone number is:

We will be incorporating all of the teachers’ bios and classroom information into the website shortly, so keep an eye out!

Along that line, we would love to hear suggestions from you!  As we build this school and gain your trust, we want to be sure we are listening to your voice – please drop us a line! What could we do to make this the ideal place for you and your family?  What are the most important qualities for you to see in teachers?  What can we do to bring more families to our school?  Please send us an email with any thoughts, suggestions or questions!