Lots of Movement

This year we will be working with the Mighty Moves Program out of CSU.  However, we have always had a commitment to have our children learn about their bodies and their world through movement activities.   Children need to learn to move their bodies and need to be given exciting opportunities to do so several times a day.  Habits begin early and we embrace the call for it to begin with us.

  • Large age-appropriate playgrounds that challenge and fascinate our children and keep them interested and engaged in movement
  • Stretch-And-Grow, a national creative-movement curriculum and yoga!
  • If we are not able to get outside due to weather issues, we bring the movement indoors with obstacle courses, balance beams, tunnels, and movement CD’s.

Real Food

We have worked hard with our menus to provide children with food that fuels their bodies and their minds with healthy ingredients and choices.  We understand that it takes children several encounters with a new food before they are willing to give it a shot.  With many children eating a majority of their meals with us, it is important that we are exposing them to healthful foods and creating healthy habits now.  We work with food experts and our parent board to provide exceptional nutrition to children in our care.  We also provide our recipes to families so that children can continue their healthy experience outside our walls!

  • Limited amounts of sugar and white flower products used in our snacks, meals and homemade recipes
  • Fruits and vegetables provided in abundance daily, incorporating them into both meals and snack times.   Salads include vegetables of many colors as well as nuts and seeds to provide a variety of nutrition
  • Homemade granola, oatmeal and lunch dishes allow us to limit overly processed foods whenever possible, whole wheat and whole grains are used

–> Sample Menu (Updated Winter 2015)

*Please note that we do not serve school-made lunch at our Milliken school.  We carry these ideals into our snack choices and are happy to share ideas with parents on healthy lunches to pack!

Time in Nature

The special connection of children with nature needs to be nurtured and we are lucky enough to live in Colorado – there is no place better to get outdoors frequently.  Unstructured play time in nature is associated with academic success, cooperation, happiness and health in all children and families.  Young Peoples Learning Center has seen how this difference is played out in behaviors and success of children.  We never miss an opportunity to connect children with their world.

  • When weather prevents children from getting outdoors, we bring the outdoors inside, creating water tables filled with snow or making indoor bike paths.
  • Camp programs are run from parks and buildings are only used when necessary!
  • Toddler and Preschool buildings are located in areas conducive to planned and spontaneous nature walks which are used regularly as teaching experiences
  • Young Peoples Learning Center takes advantage of every opportunity for hands on learning offered through parks, museums, the Environmental Learning Center or public gardens.
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