Eagle and Fox Classrooms

The Eagle (Fort Collins location) and Fox (Milliken location) Classrooms are our Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms.  Children leave this classroom prepared with the academic and social skills necessary to enter kindergarten the following fall.

August 2016 Eagle Calendar

July 2016 Fox Calendar

Children leaving this classroom are prepared well beyond the school readiness needs of the Poudre School District.  The classroom prepares children in pre-reading and writing skills, early math and number correspondence skills, and the confidence needed to ask questions and find answers to all their questions.  They work with letters and numbers on a daily basis and infuse skills into each of their learning centers and projects.  They use computers in their classrooms to explore technology, field trips to explore their community and their minds to explore themselves.  Children leaving this classroom have a good sense of their world and how they fit into it as well as a developed sense of the importance and joys of learning.

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