Dolphin Classroom

Children in the Dolphin Class are 18 – 24 months.

Dolphin August 2016 Calendar

Our small center and classroom allow for lots of one-on-one time with all the children.  We work hard to help your child feel secure in a group setting by offering many opportunities for this age group to learn about their world and about other little people like themselves.

Children in the Dolphin Class are rapidly changing.  Their ability to use words to express their wants and desires is expanding from just one or two words to a whole sentence.  They are becoming more aware of the concept of others – learning about boundaries of behavior and awareness of other people in their lives.  A child’s excitement in learning new skills can be both exciting and frightening for them.  The Dolphin Class offers them a nurturing, safe place to explore their world and learn new skills.

When children leave the Dolphin Class they will be better able to develop friendships with their peers and express their feelings and needs in an understandable manner.  Through hands-on learning they will have had exposure to math, science, art, language, music and literature.  Our varied enrichments invite new people into their lives which not only has educational but social benefits.  As your child leaves the Dolphin Class you will notice a big difference in their personality.  They not only are ready for the next exciting step in the classroom, but they love the challenge and excitement of learning more skills.

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