Intentional Teaching

To provide a happy and safe learning environment by:

  • Providing laughter, socialization, and fun activities
  • Challenging your child in mind, body and spirit 
  • Providing quality experiences, such as projects, field trips, and routines that encourage learning in a kind and gentle manner
  • Protecting and encouraging you child’s unique personality
  • Exposing children to varied learning experiences to excite them about learning

To gain respect from children by:

  • Showing genuine interest in each child
  • Talking and Playing with each child

To teach self-discipline and self-control by:

  • Providing CHOICES with consequences, not punishments
  • Teaching children to make good choices early in life to help them make good choices later
  • Speaking to children as we would want to be spoken to – kindly, gently, and most importantly with respect

Each activity is designed with one of the following learning objectives in mind: Literature, Language, Art, Science, Math, Cognitive Development, Physical Development, Social Studies, or Social Emotional Development

We use the research based assessment books from Teaching Strategies Gold to inform our teaching practices and ensure they specifically address the needs of each child every day.

Our goal is to help children learn and grow the way they work best: through hands-on experiences in their world.  Every day we want children to experience science, math, art, music, literature, and small and large motor activities.  Block centers, housekeeping centers, computers, writing areas and creative art projects help bring classroom concepts alive.  Regular field trips and library visits as well as enrichment specialty teachers for Spanish, movement, literature, music and yoga,   are additional ways we supplement the classroom material. Our balanced curriculum supports children in meeting these learning goals.

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