Poll: Daily Notes vs. Communication Notebook

We told you were would try these new forms of notes and then decide if we like them better than the notebooks – here is your chance to let us know what you think!  Please know that teachers will be voting too (not on this form) and everything will be taken into consideration before we make a decision at the end of next week.

Communication Notebooks were used prior to summer 2012 and are a spiral notebook for both parents and teachers two write free form about children’s day and experiences, they are written in about three times per week for full time students and twice per week for part time students.

Preschool Daily Notes have been used through June and July 2012 and report specifically on sleeping, eating and toileting behaviors of children as well as give a snapshot of the overall day.  They are filled out every day except Fridays, when teachers are concentrating on academic assessments.

Voting closes August 15th.  THANKS!


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